I covered this topic in humorous detail, including alternate options for men in the first episode of the Women Carry Podcast. That said, there seems to be a great need for a short primer, so here it is:

Potty Etiquette:

There is no reason a gun being carried in a good holster should be taken off your hip or body to use the restroom. So the easy answer to the question, “what do I do with my gun when I use the bathroom?” isLEAVE IT ALONE!

But I realize that that really isn’t enough information, so here is a quick set of directions:

1) Close lid on toilet, or step slightly away from it to ensure you don’t lose your gun in the potty. (This is especially important on gun ranges with outhouses)

2) Lower your pants, Buckle your belt or button your pants back up at your knees.

3) Sit and apply a small amount of pressure by opening your knees slightly to keep the pants from falling down.

4) Take care of business

5) Stand up, close lid or move away from toilet slightly.

6) Unbuckle/button when done and pull pants back up.

STOP messing with and handling your firearm unnecessarily! If you can’t go to the bathroom without juggling your gun/holster GET A NEW HOLSTER!