This oft-repeated warning to women who consider carrying a gun for self-defense can send chills down ones spine. “If you have a gun, they’ll just take it away and use it against you!”

It makes one wonder? Can I keep a hold of my gun? Usually, some well-meaning soul will comfort you by saying if you just practice situational awareness, you’ll never let anyone get close enough to you to get their hands on your gun. Truth or myth? Can you seriously keep everyone more than 21 feet away from you 24/7? What if you can’t? Then what? Do I need to become Kung Fu Panda?

In episode five, Kathy Jackson and Don Stahlnecker join Tammy and Jenna to talk about handgun retention and how it fits into a self-defense plan.

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We have purposely not linked to the five holsters we don’t like as we don’t want to give them any more press than necessary. You can google them for yourself after listening to the podcast if you can’t help yourself.