As women, the best way to ensure that we are able to use our handgun for self defense is to carry it with us. Carrying is a lifestyle that doesn’t come with an instruction manual. Join the conversation and we’ll help you find your way.


140 % increase in number of concealed carry permits


1 in 5 women will be a victim of a sexual assault


Increase in female gun ownership


of female gun owners target shoot at least 1x a month

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Join Tammy and her guests as they talk about guns, gear, and how we integrate carrying concealed into our daily lives. Got a question you’d like to hear our opinion on? Drop me a note on this page!

About Me


Women Carry was born out of Tammy’s passionate desire to help women gain the knowledge and confidence needed to make concealed carry a normal part of their every day routine. As a firearm instructor she saw the numbers of of women purchasing and training with firearms increasing, and yet, so many of these students struggle to find a way to carry their guns with them daily. This reality is devestating when you consider that the majority of these women purchase guns for personal protection.

Tammy understands these challenges first hand. Her goal with Women Carry is to encourage the conversations, spread the wealth of knowledge available, and help women of various ages and situations find a way that works for them to begin to make Concealed Carry an integrated part of their daily life.


Who is Tammy Smith?


Tammy Smith calls Alaska home but is currently residing in Utah for the winter. She and her husband own a training company called GunStart. She is the mother to ten beautiful children and three grandchildren. Tammy homeschools her children, plays the piano, her favorite flowers are tulips, and she loves root beer floats.

Tammy has extensive training as a firearms instructor and believes strongly in continuing education. Among other things she is an NRA Range Safety Officer and Handgun Instructor, a Certified Rangemaster Instructor, and A MAG 40 graduate. See her complete training resume HERE.

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