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I’m Tammy and I started this site because I wanted to help women learn to carry a gun for self protection. I’ve learned along the way that what I’m sharing applies as much to men as women. So if you’re a man… welcome!

Warning – occasionally I’m going to talk about hips and boobs, and how having these may require adjusting the equipment or position used to carry a gun, but when it comes to self defense and gun safety, the information applies to both sexes equally.




Why Women Shoot Slow

Why Women Shoot Slow

Before you hang me by my toes… I’m not saying all women shoot slow, But I am curious after looking at the results from the Polite Society Match at Rangemaster’s Tactical Conference last weekend, why there weren’t more women in the top 20... read more
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Top 5 Holsters for Women

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I know how difficult it is to figure out which holsters are worth the money so I created this fantastic guide just for you! I have used all of the holsters on this list to carry my guns. I'll will tell you why they made the list and where you can find them. 


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